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John Kaplanis

Executive Director

John Kaplanis has been with NOSA from the very earliest founding moments of the organization, first as the President and now filling our newly created Executive Director position. John is 40 years old and has extensive experience in hunting, fishing and trapping in the region. Perhaps John is most known for his love of bow hunting, having taken moose, deer, bear and even a timber wolf with his bow. John is also an award winning outdoor writer and photographer and member of the Outdoor Writers of Canada.

John Kaplanis is a 17 year veteran of the Thunder Bay Fire and Rescue Service, but when he is not working he devotes his life to his family and the outdoors. Married 10 years to wife Donna, they have two children, Matthew and Ashleigh who also share their father’s passion for the outdoors. Since John is a well known regional outdoor writer he often depicts his outdoor pursuits as seen through his own children’s eyes as they accompany him on many journeys afield.

John is a Pro-Staff representative of local retailer D&R Sporting Goods and also for New Archery Products. Recently, New Archery Products technical Advisor Tanja Washburn was quoted as saying, “John is an amazing Pro-Staffer and we are lucky to have him.” John’s outdoor desires go beyond his own personal goals as he professionally aspires to raise NOSA’s profile through his outdoor writing and Pro Staff roles, thus drawing attention to the many issues affecting our outdoor lifestyle here in the north. John is well known for “giving back” to the organizations who support NOSA, by assisting them with donations of product through his Pro-Staff affiliations. One of John’s favorite sayings is that, “Our outdoor organizations are part of a cyclic food chain – we all feed off of one another – and this is what keeps us healthy.”

John believes that the northern outdoorsman needs an organization like NOSA to speak for them when politicians and bureaucrats dabble in our outdoor pastimes. He is adamantly opposed to the concept of southern Ontario voters deciding our fate with respect to outdoor issues in the north. This is why he has been asked to lead NOSA in the new role of Executive Director to continue and expand on the work he has done with the organization over the past 10 years. We look forward to many more successful years from John on our Board of Directors.
John Kaplanis

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